Don’t Be a Chicken, Get Your Feed in Humboldt Park.

Chicago has so many restaurants to choose from.

Digging through Yelp after Yelp review, it can become very tiresome when choosing THEE best spot to have a Sunday brunch. Especially when money is tight and tolerance is way to low an hour long wait.

My friend gave me a challenge to find a brunch place that could accommodate our “Waffle House” budget. Even though the tab at Feed was comparable to that of the popular dining establishment, the ambiance, food, and service were completely different.

Feed, is nestled between the Humboldt Park and Wicker Park neighborhoods on West Chicago Avenue. It is not surrounded by too much, except for a garden next door. Which I am assuming, belongs to the restaurant.


The atmosphere reminded me of a small southern style restaurants that I became accustomed to living in the south. The port city of Savannah, to be more specific, where small shack style places like this were common, but always unique.

The menu was short and sweet, a mix of brunch and lunch that consisted of everything, from fried chicken to blackened catfish. My pick was the Blackened catfish Benedict. It was phenomenal, The fish was cooked just right and the sauce for the Benedict itself was perfect. The added side of roasted potatoes were an excellent addition to this meal.

20150823_131944 20150823_131947

To add to the southern cuisine, an attitude of southern style hospitality was also present by the whole staff. Granted, there wasn’t too much interaction with the server, but it was just enough to feel like we were welcomed into the space because of the friendly and prompt service.


I can not help but to brag about this place. Not only because of the great service, but because of the excellent food. There are many places in the city that I feel have this same type of menu. Feed, compared to its competition does not have to rely on location or fancy morning cocktails. It’s well-crated menu of simple comfort food for people who appreciate those things is what  makes it truly successful.

I will be back to try Feeds other delightful menus of lunch and dinner very soon.

This restaurant is rated Haute.


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